Here’s what I’ve learned from listening to fanmixes on 8tracks:

Icarus by Bastille applies to every character in the series.


EDIT: REWRITTEN. The original was written for nerisel, and it still is because I have yet to beat the fucking game. The only difference is that you share this now with yuushishio, because I have been told that she was the one who started this hell (i’m joking. i love you dear. mwuah!), and that Sanji is crazier. Warning for gore. (if i had a heart gif, i’d totally place it here.)
also, this is me begging for an update from xpiester333x.
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You are trapped in an island. Again.

For the second time in your life, you’re trapped inland.

For the first time in your life, it is not physical. You have a ship. You are with the crew. You’re tied to this land because Zoro is lost in this large chunk of earth, and you say — with absolute certainty paired with a taunting curve of your perfect slim lips, you say, “I’ll go fetch him.”

You don’t, but you search. You do. Day in and out, you do, and you pass by a body which every time you just stare at. You stare at it and then ignore it, push it out of your mind. You tell yourself it isn’t him, because it isn’t, but you don’t find him anywhere else. You say to your crew at the end of each day, “I can’t find him.”

You don’t want to.

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some people get mad at op because luffy never kills anyone but oda said once that it’s basically because luffy wants them to be alive to see their dream crumble around them which luffy thinks is worse than death and that’s actually metal as hell

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