Someone has to put angst in the exchange book *evil laughter* and Christmas is the best time because you expect the fluff, not the paaaaiiinnnn.

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ur only allowed to write one sad fanfic a year. it is the law. no more sads 4 u.

B-but there’s still the Christmas exchange…

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One Piece 30 Day Challenge

Day 1: Favorite Mugiwara Pirate: "Black Leg" Sanji

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Sanji (One Piece)

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People have not been this mad at me since I wrote Chirstmas Spirit.

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» Blinding


Also on and AO3

A huge thanks to turtlefriedrice for helping me with ideas for this and listening to my ramblings all night!


It started one morning with a hazy sunrise. It was his daily routine to enjoy his first cigarette of the day while watching the sun come up. The dazzling combinations of color that filled the sky and reflected off the sea like a broken mirror always gave Sanji the boost of inspiration he needed to start his day. The impossibly vast array of color was beautiful, and the boundless stretch of ocean held the promise of dreams.

On that morning, however, there was something off about the sunrise. The usual colors were there, but muted, not nearly as brilliant as they should have been. It looked as if a strange mist had settled over the sky and enshrouded the Sunny. Perhaps they had sailed into some fog? But Nami was on watch that morning, and surely she would have alerted them if it was something to worry about. Unless she had fallen asleep…?

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X ♥

By シオウ

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There goes your last angel, homestuck fandom. (AND YOU ARE A SWEETIE DON’T DENY IT).

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Omg yeah Gwen was in her Feferi (I think that's how it's spelled) the last time I hung out with her at a con and she looked so cute

SEE GWEN RANDI SAYS YOU’RE CUTE TOO. Yes Gwen makes such a cute homestuck.

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